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Psychics, Tarot Card Readers Become More Popular During Pandemic

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Understanding How Psychic Mediums Work & Their Skills

There are lots of Hollywood movies out there that portray psychics and no matter how good or well-rated they are, the truth is they are just movies mysterious psychic with yellow tarot cards. What you see in those movies is far from what happens in real life – plenty of exaggerations that are not even close to reality.  At the end of the day, a medium will not come to your home to clear out the spirits or devils around it, if that is what you imagine.


A psychic reading from a medium can be extraordinary. After all, this is one of the top specialties in the psychic industries. It is definitely not for everyone, but mostly for famous psychics with experience. At the same note, this specialty is often misunderstood as well. Indeed, it could be confusing, but getting ready for it will solve all your issues – whether it is a free online psychic reading or a free psychic chat.


Understanding how psychic mediums work


So, what should you know before getting some online psychic readings? What should you be aware of before getting a free psychic reading with a medium as a trial? A psychic medium is practically a spiritual advisor. It is a specialty. All mediums are psychics. But since there are more specialties, not all psychics are mediums – some others are specialized in other fields.


The main benefit of talking to a medium is the possibility to communicate with the deceased. Now, this aspect is often exaggerated too – do not expect your grandmother to come through the psychic and talk to you just like that. It is not going to happen. The best psychic reading implies getting some authentic messages from those who have left your world.


Now, whether you see online psychics or you deal with real psychics face to face, you should know that there are two types of readings in this specialty. You could have a more physical experience, but you can also have a deeper, mental and more spiritual solution. While quite rare, some psychics get so deep into the aura that spirits can actually control parts of their bodies – sometimes, the whole body.


Such things may seem scary at first, but you need to keep your cool and focus on the experience. When something like this happens, mediums often rely on writing to transmit the messages they get. Physical experiences are more rare and can bring in voices, noises, objects or even spirit bodies. Basically, the manifestation is distinct and you can tell that something is going on straight away.


Why you may need a psychic medium reading


It makes no difference if you are planning to get a psychic reading face to face or you want an accurate psychic reading. Reasons are usually similar for most people. The purpose of the reading is to communicate with some you loved and lost. It is usually a family member or a close friend. Believe it or not, some psychics can also connect and interact with pets.


No matter who or what you have lost, moving forward is definitely a challenge. Some people get stuck for years, finding themselves unable to move on. Maybe you missed the opportunity to say goodbye. Perhaps your loved one left after a fight or on bad terms. It is hard to change anything now, but there is still a little opportunity to find the closure you need.


These are the main reasons wherefore people seek free online psychic reading from famous psychics. Such an experience will be different for every sitter. It depends on your particular situation and circumstances. But overall, the reasons include getting some answers, a bit of comfort, closure, the possibility to heal and move on. To most people, it is a form of counseling.


There are also people who may contact mediums for completely different reasons. A psychic medium is not suitable to help you connect with your lost ones only, but also to reveal more about your past life or lives. This is another common specialty among mediums and believe it or not, there are lots of people who could benefit from it.


For instance, a bit of information from your past life could help you sort out some current issues. Some people deal with blockages or baggage from their past lives without being aware of it. Some others may face karma, although they do not have anything to do with it. No matter what it is, guidance on your past life can definitely sort some problems out.


Psychic vs medium – Same thing?


Again, all online mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Being a medium is like choosing a specialty. Now, to help you understand psychics, they represent a whole class. They often use logic, as well as messages from one’s aura to provide messages and decipher codes during a cheap psychic reading.


The signs they deal with may include words, memories, sounds, feelings and so on. Now, such details may seem similar for more clients, but unique circumstances can help psychics interpret messages. All the information is translated and adjusted to the client’s needs. Everything is obtained through senses and perception.


Things are different when it comes to psychic mediums though. Generally speaking, mediums have the main goal to confirm that there is some type of identity after death. The spirit is still around and belongs to a completely different world. From this point of view, a medium will not predict the future or give you details about what might happen to you.


How do real free psychics achieve all these? It is fairly simple to understand. They rely on their strong intuition, abilities and perceptions. Their extrasensory perception is out of this world. Another difference between psychics and mediums is in the taste. Psychics do not rely on taste as a sense, but mediums may often feel your loved one’s favorite foods.


How to get ready for the best psychic reading with a medium


If you are skeptical about this experience – but just a bit curious, it may not be the best option for you. Skepticism is negative energy. Even if you get a free psychic reading as a trial, skepticism will not give you any results whatsoever. The bad energy will not provide fake results though, but it will reduce the efficiency of your reading.


For example, even if you have had readings before, having a bad day is a good enough reason to avoid them. Even if you have seen the same psychic before and you two vibe perfectly, the bad energy of any kind is highly contraindicated. Simply reschedule the appointment or you will waste both time and money with the reading.


Other than that, do some research before deciding on one psychic or another. The research is not all about finding the best psychic advisor, but also about knowing more about your family. For example, you need to learn more about the history of your family. Learn more about the lineage, talk to your parents and grandparents. You should do the same for your partner’s side as well.


This experience should be done with an open mind. You cannot find a connection with who you want. For instance, you may be seeking closure with your grandmother, but this may not always be the case. You need to get ready to speak and communicate to anyone. It could even be a pet you had as a child – this is why you can also find pet psychics and mediums.


You are free to ask questions – in fact, your medium will even ask you if you want to know anything. At this point, you must stick to open-ended questions. Avoid those questions that imply answering yes or no. Do not ask if your grandfather is proud of you. Instead, ask if he is happy with the choices you have made in life.


Finally, make sure that you are ready for what you are about to hear. Sometimes, reading might be quite harmful, especially if your emotional state is not the best.




Bottom line, online psychics have a bunch of specialties and mediums are highly appreciated for their exquisite skills and capabilities. While there are plenty of reasons to get in touch with a medium, most people do it in order to find closure after losing a loved one. However, communication with the world beyond or details about past lives are not to be overlooked either.

A Guide On Getting Started With Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are well-known throughout the world for helping people know what their future holds. Not only that, but tarot cards enable people to make predictions, understand their life’s purpose, and analyse their current condition by uncovering their past and present reality. A tarot reading can surely greatly assist those dealing with life challenges, but it does require some skill to become one. If you are looking forward to becoming a tarot reader, here is a guide that will help you get started.

Tarot cards

Select A Deck That Connects With You

The first step in getting started with tarot reading is selecting a deck that resonates with you. Tarot card decks include cards with various features and pictures with diverse meanings. Do your homework on the decks and take time to determine what works best for you. Only choose the deck if you believe it calls to you and connects with you.

Keep Your Cards Safe

Tarot cards are the main element of tarot reading; thus, keep your deck safe if you want to have the ability to read the cards accurately. Handle the cards with care, as they will assist you in connecting with your intuition and inner self to complete the readings.

Understand The Intention Of The Cards

Because a tarot deck contains 78 cards, it is essential to consider every meaning of the cards to gain a deeper understanding of life. You can look for the meaning by reading relevant books; however, you should not limit yourself to the provided meanings and take the time to come up with your own meanings.

Decide On The Question You Are Willing To Ask

The primary goal of tarot reading is to find answers. Hence, it is necessary to make a wise list of questions that you will answer with a straight and clear mind.

Read For Yourself And Then Others

When you are just getting started with tarot reading, you must practise. To do so, begin by reading for yourself. See if you can answer your own questions and proceed with others only if you believe you have answered all of your questions and are confident in your ability to help others.

Take Suggestions From Other Readers

Meeting with other readers is an excellent method to learn more about tarot reading. You can observe how they spread their cards and keep on with the session, which will help you improve your methods and learn more.


Shuffle The Cards Correctly

When starting to read the tarot cards, make sure to shuffle the cards properly, putting your total energy into the cards. Ask the clients to cut the cards and spread the cards in a way you prefer. You can quickly learn about shuffling and cutting by watching tutorials online and practising them thoroughly.

Maintain A Journal

Keeping a record of how you perform is the best way to see how you are doing. Write down the essential things, such as readings or visions, so you may check over them later to determine if you’re genuinely progressing or not.

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