Travel Stipends Are Available for Graduate Students Presenting Papers at the 2016 APSA

We are pleased to announce that the section in comparative politics will provide up to ten travel stipends of $500 for graduate student members of the section whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the 2016 annual meeting of the APSA. It is open to all students who are members of the comparative politics section and who provide confirmation of their acceptance as a paper presenter. Preference will be given to papers scheduled for presentation on any panel sponsored by the comparative politics section (Section 11 in the program). Winners within this pool will be selected at random. If additional stipends remain to be distributed, a second lottery will award stipends for papers presented on panels sponsored by other sections .

Please send applications no later than April 15 to Robert Kaufman,
Submissions must include the following items:
1. Title of paper and panel.
2. Screenshot of the APSA page indicating you have accepted your role in the program.