New Book Series - Princeton Studies in Political Behavior

Princeton University Press announces a new series which will publish path-breaking and accessible work in political behavior. It will showcase works that promise to become the leading, influential books in a growing and vibrant area of behavioral and social science: the intersection of politics with social forces, psychological factors, and communication processes. Books in the series will explore people’s motivations, beliefs, perceptions, values, norms, and understandings, and how these shape, and are shaped by, the political system, ranging across time or place and advancing new methods or theories. The series will speak to issues that are not only important to the discipline but are also significant outside the academy. The series will feature explicitly comparative scholarship as well as work in American and international politics and aims to publish two books a year.

Please contact Tali Mendelberg, Series Editor, or Eric Crahan, Senior Editor for Political Science at Princeton University Press with proposals.